This page shows auditions and opportunities to work backstage, front of house, and on the technical sides of future productions.

Kanata Theatre is a community organization which originated in the then-new Beaverbrook community of Kanata. From the start, members were expected to take part in all activities: building and painting scenery, making costumes, setting up lights and sound, selling tickets and so on, as well as acting. We have tried to keep that tradition, even though our “community” is now the whole City of Ottawa.

We encourage you not just to try out for a part and then move on to a role in another company, but to join in and help with any or all aspects of theatre. Become a member and receive our newsletter Greasepaint which will inform you of what’s going on.

Current Auditions

Opening Night

Kanata Theatre presents Opening Night, by Norm Foster. It will be directed by Brian McManus and presented at the Ron Maslin Playhouse in Kanata.  

Performance Dates: May 12th – 16th and May 19th – May 23rd, 2020

Rehearsal Days:  7-10 pm on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays beginning January 12, 2020, adding Wednesdays in February and March.

Audition Dates: Sunday January 5, 7-10 pm & Tuesday, January 7, 7-10 pm.
Callback Date (if required): Wednesday January 8th, 7-10 pm
First Read through: Scheduled for Sunday, March 1st, 2020.

Location: Ron Maslin Playhouse (1 Ron Maslin Way, Kanata) rehearsal room.

Enter the building by the double doors at the rear. Arrive 15 minutes early to complete audition form.

Contact: Darlene Barr at 

Play Synopsis of Opening Night:

On the occasion of her 25th wedding anniversary, Ruth would like to rekindle spontaneity in her marriage by attending opening night of ‘Whisper on the Wind’ (a play which resembles a parody you might have seen on Carol Burnett or SNL). Her husband, Jack, however, would be happier watching the World Series.  Cilla, whose biological clock is ticking, is hoping for more commitment from her partner Richard. As the director of the play, Richard is worried and is hoping his show doesn’t crash and burn. Young Tom, a novice, is wondering if he’ll ever get a part. Michael is worried he’ll never get a part again. Young Libby is certain she is destined for fame following her big open, while Clayton worries his best work is behind him.

This script offers many great opportunities for actors. Each of the parts has some terrific lines and big scenes. It’s a sure crowd-pleaser show.


Tom:   A young fellow, fresh out of theatre school, he is super keen to network and hopefully get his first part. He is struggling to present a confident front. He perseveres through a number of uncomfortable snubs until he finally gets a chance to show his stuff…

Michael:  An aging actor whose career is on the descent. While he is no longer getting good parts,  he tries to put on a brave face by schmoozing in the lobby before the show. But the more he drinks, the worse things get.

Ruth:     On the evening of her 25th wedding anniversary, Ruth, an empty nester, is hoping that this is the beginning of an exciting new (post mum) phase. Maybe there is more to life – some spicy romance, perhaps. Is that too much to ask?

Jack:  He is into sports big time and is interested in wood stain. While not particularly sophisticated, he is a warm-hearted in his own way and bumbles his way through some great sitcom/romcom scenes.

Clayton:  An older British actor who plays Ol’Daddy in ‘Whisper on the Wind’. Curiously unaware of his accent, he struggles with the part. In the end, he finds redemption as a charmingly romantic old bard.

Libby:  A young actor who plays Missy Gal in ‘Whisper on the Wind’. She is ambitious and overly- confident and is centre stage for a couple of memorable moments that will give her therapist something to talk about.

Cilla:  A successful socialite art dealer in her late thirties. Although Richard doesn’t know it yet, she is pregnant. She is at times snobbish, needy, sarcastic, distressed, and strong. She is a counterpoint to Ruth, with many great zingers.

Richard:  The director of ‘Whisper on the Wind’ comes off as self-absorbed, arrogant and somewhat caustic. Michael seems to think he’s a “prick”. He experiences a lot of stress and friction.  There is lots of razor-sharp banter interspersed with a certain amount of humiliation.

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