This page shows auditions and opportunities to work backstage, front of house, and on the technical sides of future productions.

Kanata Theatre is a community organization which originated in the then-new Beaverbrook community of Kanata. From the start, members were expected to take part in all activities: building and painting scenery, making costumes, setting up lights and sound, selling tickets and so on, as well as acting. We have tried to keep that tradition, even though our “community” is now the whole City of Ottawa.

We encourage you not just to try out for a part and then move on to a role in another company, but to join in and help with any or all aspects of theatre. Become a member and receive our newsletter Greasepaint which will inform you of what’s going on.

Current Auditions

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Run dates: Dec. 27-30, 2019

Audition Dates: 

Sunday, September 8th (1:00pm-5:00pm) and Monday, September 9th (7pm-10pm)

Call-backs (if needed): Wednesday, September 11th (7:00pm-10:00pm)

*Please e-mail the director if you are interested in auditioning. Also include which of the two audition dates you are available for. If enough interest is shown, individual audition slots will be given.

Please arrive early to sign in and ensure auditions can start on time. You are asked to bring a prepared song to sing acapella. Readings will be provided and a short movement piece will be taught.


*Although the characters in the show are all children (with the exception of Snoopy), the director is hoping to cast performers who are 16+ and are able to portray the youthful qualities of the characters. However, this is only a preference, and the director encourages anyone who is interested in auditioning to do so. 

CHARLIE BROWN (Male, Baritone, 16+)

The beloved blockhead himself, Charlie Brown is a loveable loser who possesses lots of hope, optimism and determination, but ultimately is held back by his own anxiety, insecurities and bad luck. The actor playing Charlie must be a strong vocalist with the ability to quickly and genuinely change between a wide range of situations and emotions. 

Vocal Range: A#2-F4

LUCY VAN PLET (Female, Mezzo-Soprano, 16+)

Bossy, opinionated, crabby and obnoxious, Lucy is more often than not a bully to her peers, particularly Charlie Brown and her younger brother Linus. She has an intense, unrequited crush on Schroeder. Actress must have a dynamic stage presence and be a strong vocalist, preferably with the ability to belt. 

Vocal Range: G3-F5

LINUS VAN PELT (Male, Baritone,16+)

Lucy’s younger brother, he is known for always having his blanket by his side, which is a cause of ridicule from his peers and sister. He is well-meaning and often speaks with a mature, philosophical tone, although he should appear younger than his peers. This role requires a strong sense of movement on stage but a dance background is not required. 

Vocal Range: A#2-E4 

SALLY BROWN (Female, Soprano, 16+)

Charlie Brown’s energetic, bubbly and charismatic younger sister, Sally is an opinionated girl with numerous, ever-changing philosophies on life that often require her doing as little work as she possibly can. Actress needs to be a high energy performer with excellent comedic timing.

Vocal Range: B3-G#5/Ab5

SCHROEDER (Male, Tenor,16+)
The figure of Lucy’s adoration, Schroeder is a skilled musician and pianist with a particular obsession with classical musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven. 

Vocal Range: A#2/Bb2-G#4/Ab4 

SNOOPY (Male/Female, Tenor/Alto,16+)

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s loving, dramatic and devoted pet beagle with a huge imagination, seen particularly through his portrayal of a character he’s created: ‘The Red Baron.’ Performer cast as Snoopy must be able to easily jump from emotion to emotion, have a strong sense of comedic timing, and have a great sense of play and wonderment. Strong solo vocalist required.

Vocal Range: C3-A4 

ENSEMBLE (Male/Female, Any range, 16+) 

An optional ensemble will most likely be cast by the director. No set ensemble size has been determined yet but will most likely be between 2 to 6 people. If an ensemble is required, these performers will not only assist with ensemble numbers and creating background characters (such as “The Little Red Haired Girl”), they will also assist in other tasks, such as scene changes.

Vocal Ranges: Mixed

If you have any questions and to express interest, email director Alex Henkelman, or the co-production managers, Trina Malcolmson and Susan Sinchak at


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