This page shows auditions and opportunities to work backstage, front of house, and on the technical sides of future productions.

Kanata Theatre is a community organization which originated in the then-new Beaverbrook community of Kanata. From the start, members were expected to take part in all activities: building and painting scenery, making costumes, setting up lights and sound, selling tickets and so on, as well as acting. We have tried to keep that tradition, even though our “community” is now the whole City of Ottawa.

We encourage you not just to try out for a part and then move on to a role in another company, but to join in and help with any or all aspects of theatre. Become a member and receive our newsletter Greasepaint which will inform you of what’s going on.

Current Auditions

The Death of Me  

Written by: Norm Foster
Directed by: Kathleen Walsh

Run Dates: November 3-6, 2021
Auditions: September 19,20 7-9pm
Call backs: September 21 7-9pm
Rehearsals start: September 26

Location: Ron Maslin Playhouse – 1 Ron Maslin Way, Kanata, ON

Auditions for this one act will be by appointment and will incorporate all appropriate Co-Vid 19 protocols including masking, hand-sanitizing and social distancing. Groups will be limited to 10 or less.

The Death of Me follows our main character John as he navigates and negotiates his way after arriving in heaven unexpectedly.  Of course, fun ensues as he pleads his case to the Angel of Death, and looks for answers from his ex-fiancee and his doctor.

The roles are all strong and have great opportunity to showcase your comic “chops”!


John Adderly:  30’s – A straight-laced business systems analyst who realizes he never really lived life and wants a second shot.

Angel of Death: 40’s-60’s – Experienced and professional, she facilitates John’s return to earth to “make a wave”.

Cassie: 30’s – John’s ex-financee who suffers delusions of grandeur and more than a little paranoia.

Doctor: – 40’s-60’s – A physician who doesn’t like sick people; this self-important misogynist begrudgingly agrees to revisit John’s case.

For more information and to book an appointment please contact Kathleen at  or our Production Manager Trina Malcolmson at

Tarzan the Stage Musical

Music and Lyrics by: Phil Collins
Book by: David Henry Hwang
Adapted from the story “Tarzan of the Apes” by:  Edgar Rice Burroughs
Directed by: Diane Côté 

Saturday, September 18th from 12-5:00 pm
Sunday, September 19th from 11- 4:00 pm
Wednesday, September 22nd from 7-10:00 pm. Callbacks, as required, or a first read. 

*Auditions are by appointment only and will incorporate all appropriate Covid-19 protocols including masking, hand-sanitizing and social distancing.

Run Dates: December 7th – December 19th 

Regular Rehearsals  – Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Where: Ron Maslin Playhouse, 1 Ron Maslin Way, Kanata, ON

Tarzan the Stage Musical is the moving story of an innocent human boy raised among wild apes who grows up to become an open-hearted, accomplished, and intelligent young man.

Audition Information:

– Auditions will include a vocal component, a cold read, and a dance/choreography component.

– Please prepare a song from the musical theatre repertoire that shows your vocal range and abilities. Please do not sing anything from this show.  Vocal ranges are listed beside the characters below, but we will also run through some vocal exercises.  You may sing with a recorded instrumental (MP3 on a USB key or you may send your MP3 when sending in your audition form at time of booking). You may also sing acapella, or you may bring sheet music. A copy of the sheet music must be provided electronically a minimum of 2 weeks before your audition. All sung material must be memorized.

Characters: (Note:  We are casting actors 13 and up and some  actors will be dual cast as multiple characters)

FATHER – The biological father of Tarzan, a Victorian Englishman. Range – C3-Eb4 + Chorus

MOTHER – The biological mother of Tarzan, a Victorian Englishwoman. Range: C4-C5+ Chorus

APES – Gorilla inhabitants of the coastal jungle of western Africa.  Chorus Range: TBD

KALA –A gentle mother ape, protector of Tarzan. Range: Eb3 – Eb5

KERCHAK – A gruff bull ape, leader of the gorillas, Kala’s mate.  Range: Ab2 – G4

LEOPARD – A fierce carnivore that threatens both gorillas and humans.  Chorus Range: TBD

YOUNG TARZAN – An innocent, ten-year-old (stage age), human misfit raised by apes. Young Tarzan is written for an unchanged voice. Range: C4 – Eb5

YOUNG TERK – A sarcastic, overconfident, adolescent ape who takes Tarzan under his wing. Range: G3 – B4

TERK – A young adult ape, best friend to Tarzan, changed little from who he was as a child. Range: Eb3 – C5

TARZAN –T he young adult Ape Man, innocent, vulnerable, fearless, and full of ingenuity. Range: B3 – Bb4

JANE – A modern and adventurous young Englishwoman, student of botany. Range: Gb 3 – F5

PORTER – A bumbling yet sensitive Englishman, professor of biology, father of Jane. Range: Bb2 – C4

CLAYTON – A brutish, arrogant, self-absorbed, and greedy British expedition guide. Clayton sings in the Chorus. Range: TBD

SNIPES – The head of the expedition crew and Clayton’s second in command.  Snipes sings with the Chorus Range: TBC

EXPEDITION CREW – British workers under the supervision of Clayton. These are members of the Chorus.  Range: TBD

If you are interested in auditioning, contact Diane at


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