Quartet in the Media

(May 10, 2023) – Opening night has come and gone, and our audience loved it. They were captivated as the actors explored the intersection of life and art, while they laughed at the absurdity of it all, and in the end they rose to their feet in applause. We’re thrilled we finally get to share Quartet with the world!

Visit https://stittsvillecentral.ca/aged-opera-singers-rise-to-the-occasion-in-kanata-theatre-stage-production-of-quartet/ to journey along through the preparations our actors and crew members have endured to get us to opening night.

Quartet was intended to hit the stage in March of 2020, only to be crushed by COVID, a mere 8 days prior to opening. In effect then, the audience will see more than a fine play. They will see how an amateur theatre company finally deals with unfinished business. They will see how a group of volunteers, driven by determination and personal loyalty, gathers together to put a play back onto its feet. It promises to be a very special production.”

Special thanks also to Karen Temple from Ottawa Life Magazine for joining us on May 9. Check out her review and then get your tickets to this show that has been a long time coming!


Jenefer Haynes, as Cissy Robson, and Mike Kennedy, as Wilfred Bond

Ian Stauffer, as Reggie Paget, and Janet Rice, as Jean Horton