2018-2019 Season

It’s a milestone year for us here at Kanata Theatre. As we approach our 50th season, we find ourselves drawn back into our history, and we marvel at the extraordinary support and love we have seen behind all our past seasons. Pictures of the last 50 years appear all over our walls, and one thing has stayed the same in them all. Life.

In every picture, in every tale we have spun, every story told you can see the love and passion, despair and anguish, betrayal and excitement that we feel every day. The experiences in those pictures, they mirror what we all go through every day.

So in that spirit, please join us for our 50th season. A season that celebrates life, and all directions we can find it pointed, whether it be towards lust, as in the case of Don’t Dress for Dinner, or to justice and upholding what you feel is right like Sir Thomas More in a Man for All Seasons. Be swept away by the night sky, and the mysteries it might hold for one young woman trying to fight an unfair battle with sexism in Silent Sky, or feel the joy that nothing like a deep laugh can bring while you watch the unlikely events of a group of performing nuns in Dan Goggin’s Nunsense. But always remember, just like the classic character George Bailey, that it truly is a wonderful life. A life that deserves celebrating with friends and family. Life is funny, life is sad, but most importantly life is full of opportunity. Don’t let this one pass you by.

Our 50th Anniversary Season



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