When her mother dies after an expensive illness and a lifetime of bad choices, tentative but tenacious young Jackie is left with a mound of debt. One glimmer of hope: a stamp collection, potentially valuable, is among her assets. Philip, the brusque and arrogant stamp dealer to whom she takes the collection, won’t even take a look without his $2000 fee. Charming Dennis, a former stamp collector and small-time grifter down on his luck, who just happens to be hanging out in Philip’s shop, is only too willing to look at Jackie’s collection. 

Trouble brews and the game is on in this dark, edgy suspenseful tour de force. Its plot twists will leave the audience gasping for breath. 


Cast List:

Tom Kobolak …… Philip
Peter Politis …… Dennis
Annie West …… Jackie
Michael Clarke …… Sterling
Elizabeth Foulds …… Mary