Outside Mullingar

Outside Mullingar is about the romance of Anthony and Rosemary, neighbors in rural Ireland, who are nearing their middle years. It is by turns poetic, uplifting, dark and funny as hell. Anthony is an introverted farmer and Rosemary is the woman who vows to have him at all costs. When Anthony’s father threatens to disinherit his son, Rosemary steps into the middle of a land feud and family eccentricities beyond what one might imagine. On the brink of romantic catastrophe, this one-of-a-kind Irish heroine fights against time and mortality in hopes of securing her dream of love.

Cast List:

David McIntyre …… Anthony
Sarah Hegger …… Rosemary
Lionel King …… Tony
Catherine Clark …… Oeife

February 15-19 & 22-26, 2022



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