The Dragon Slayers

This witch really holds a grudge. When Grizelda decides to get revenge on King Mildred, she doesn’t go halfway. She makes the fiercest dragon the kingdom has ever seen. Now someone’s got to slay the beast. But the knights are all too frightened, which leaves the job to an old squire, a young page, and the most willful princess who ever strapped on a sword.


Nunsense follows the crazy antics of five nuns from the Little Sisters of Hoboken convent. When their cook accidentally serves up some tainted soup, 52 of the sisters are poisoned and die, leaving only five living nuns who were not at home the day of the toxic meal. When the sisters find themselves strapped for cash, the nuns decide to put on a benefit performance in order to raise the rest of the money before the health department discovers their “chilling” secret.

A Man for All Seasons

How can one speak truth to a tyrant and survive?  The year is 1534 and nobles and commoners alike are turning their backs on ancient, even sacred beliefs and bowing to the wishes of King Henry VIII in his quest to break with the Catholic church and marry Anne Boleyn.  Many will sign the “Oath of Supremacy” in order to court the favour of a red headed bully.  Sir Thomas Moore cannot in good conscience comply.

Silent Sky

Based on the true story and science of early 20th century female “computers” at Harvard Observatory. Astonishing discoveries await Henrietta Leavitt as she maps distant stars in galaxies beyond our own. But this brilliant, headstrong pioneer must struggle for recognition in the man’s world of turn-of-the century astronomy. In this exquisite blend of science, history, family ties, and fragile love, a passionate young woman must map her own passage through a society determined to keep a woman in her place.

Madagascar: A Musical Adventure

Original music and Lyrics by George Noriega & Joel Someillan

Join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the hip hip Hippo and, of course, those hilarious, plotting penguins as they bound onto your stage in the musical adventure of a lifetime.  Based on the smash DreamWorks animated motion picture, Madagascar – A Musical Adventure follows all of your favorite crack-a-lackin’ friends as they escape from their home in New York’s Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar.

Performance Dates & Times

Saturday, December 22nd – 1:00PM * Newly Added Performance!
Thursday, December 27th – 1:00PM
Thursday, December 27th – 4:00PM
Friday, December 28th – 4:00PM
Friday, December 28th – 7:00PM
Saturday, December 29th – 1:00PM
Saturday, December 29th – 4:00PM
Sunday, December 30th – 1:00PM

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

Presented as a live 1940s radio broadcast, George Bailey wishes he had never been born, an angel is sent to earth to make George’s wish come true. George starts to realize how many lives he has changed and impacted, and how they would be different if he was never there.